Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekly Reflection for Week of 3/6

How did you do on the work?
I finished all 3 vodcasts this week. I was also able to get through the Cell Cycle Regulation POGIL during Wednesday's class. On Thursday and Friday I did the HHMI Cell Cycle and Cancer.

What do you think you understand well?
I understand the cell cycle well. The POGIL really reinforced what I learned in the vodcasts. The HHMI Click and Learn was a good way to mix it up to help make the cell regulators easier to understand. 

Where do you think you could improve?
I think that I could improve on my ability to identify what phases the cells are in based on looking at them.

What strategies will you use to improve?
It would be helpful for me to go back through my vodcast notes after doing the POGIL and Click and Learn.

How does the work we are doing fit into the context/narrative of the course?
The cell cycle has a lot to do with the beginnings of cancer, which is a very widely studied topic in biology.

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